Ben Maile: Discover Rarity and Elegance of European Limited Editions

Ben Maile (1922–2017) stands as a luminary, an internationally recognized artist whose creations grace significant collections, including those of the British Royal Family and major international corporations spanning commerce and industry.

St Paul's Cathedral, London by Ben Maile (1922-2017)
St Paul’s Cathedral, London by Ben Maile (1922–2017), auctioned at Sworder & Son

A Global Artistic Odyssey

Maile’s artistic odyssey has spanned the globe, with exhibitions from the vast landscapes of Australia to the icy terrains of Alaska. His work resonates not only with the local audience but also captivates art enthusiasts on a global scale.

West Point’s Prestigious Commission

In the annals of artistic achievements, Maile achieved a remarkable feat by being the only British artist to secure the annual commission from the illustrious West Point Military Academy in America. The debut West Point print, ‘The Long Grey Line,’ has achieved legendary status among collectors of American militaria, becoming a coveted piece in the art world.

European Limited Editions: Rarity and Elegance

Among Maile’s limited editions published in Europe, collectors avidly seek out rare treasures like ‘The Thin Red Line,’ ‘The Salute Palace Venice,’ and ‘The Queen’s Men.’ These pieces exemplify not only the artist’s skill but also the rarity that discerning collectors desire.

Epic Narratives in Ireland

After settling in Ireland, Maile’s penchant for historic epics found expression in a collection depicting the Battle of Aughrim, garnering acclaim from both the public and television audiences. The Army College at the Curragh recognized his talent and commissioned a monumental canvas titled ‘The Irish Soldier through the Ages,’ now proudly displayed in their VIP lounge.

Medium Mastery: From Watercolor to Oil

Maile’s artistic evolution showcases a mastery of mediums, transitioning from watercolor and gouache to predominantly using oil. His distinctive heavy impasto technique imparts solidity and depth to his paintings, allowing him to infuse a unique atmosphere. Many of his works, enveloped in a swirl of mist, evoke mood and emotion, transcending the mere depiction of subjects.

Ben Maile’s Art in the Market

As we delve into the realm of art auctions and the market for Ben Maile’s creations, we witness the confluence of artistic brilliance and financial value.

Auction Prices and Collectors’ Pursuit

The auction prices of Maile’s works reflect the high esteem in which they are held. From oil paintings to limited edition prints, collectors eagerly engage in the pursuit of these artistic treasures. The hammer prices for Maile’s pieces, such as ‘The Long Grey Line’ and ‘The Thin Red Line,’ testify to their desirability in the art market.

Art Valuation and Investment

Understanding the fair market value of Maile’s art becomes crucial for both collectors and investors. The valuation of his artworks takes into account not just the subject matter and medium but also the historical significance and rarity. With each stroke of Maile’s brush, an investment in art becomes a journey into cultural legacy and aesthetic appreciation.

Ben Maile’s Presence in Online Platforms

In the digital age, the presence of Maile’s art extends beyond physical galleries to online platforms, offering a diverse audience the opportunity to explore and acquire his creations.

Platforms like FindArtInfo and Art Brokerage provide a virtual space for art enthusiasts to engage with Maile’s portfolio. From oil paintings to limited edition lithographs, these platforms serve as a gateway to the world of Maile’s art, connecting buyers and sellers in a global marketplace.

In the world of art, Ben Maile’s legacy transcends canvas and paint, weaving a narrative that resonates with both connoisseurs and newcomers to the realm of fine art. His creations, steeped in history and rendered with unparalleled skill, continue to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the tapestry of artistic expression.


What is the significance of Ben Maile’s ‘The Long Grey Line’?

‘The Long Grey Line’ holds historical significance as the debut West Point print by Ben Maile, making it a sought-after piece among collectors of American militaria.

How has Ben Maile’s artistic style evolved over the years?

Ben Maile’s artistic journey has witnessed a transition from watercolor and gouache to predominantly using oil, with a distinctive heavy impasto technique that imparts solidity and depth to his creations.

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